New Buffered Bike Lanes on Pacific Highway, Sharrows on University Avenue

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Sharrows have appeared on University Avenue in Hillcrest. Read our previous coverage of sharrows and the purpose they serve.

Sharrows in Hillcrest. Photo by reader

And Pacific Highway in Old Town finally got a long deserved bike lane upgrade over the weekend. And cyclists in the region immediately were seen riding on it. Once the resurfacing team gets around to resurfacing the area, this will be a true joy to ride on.

New Buffered Bike Lane on Pacific Highway between Taylor and the OB Bike Path. Photo by San Diego reader, Sigurd

Have you noticed any other road surface upgrades anywhere in San Diego County? Share the details in the comments below.

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  • Larry

    Nice! I remember cars would be parked diagonally along that stretch of Pacific Highway, sticking into the bike lane.

  • Dave Voss

    I like the double lanes that help to keep you out of the door zone.

  • Saw these sharrows on University Ave this morning. They extend 3 blocks from 1st to 4th Avenue — and then mysteriously disappear. I sure hope there is more to come before 1st and after 4th, otherwise people will have to somehow drop in from the sky to take advantage.

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  • Everett

    Day 285, still no lanes on Ruffin Road.

  • wpstoll

    On the way home from work this afternoon I noticed fresh striping reference marks on southbound Ruffin Rd. Hopefully the bike lanes actually go in next month!

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  • Nice! The rest of University Ave could use a road diet; it really is a prime candidate.

  • FYI, I contacted Tom Landre at the city two weeks ago regarding the configuration of the new lanes northbound on PH between Taylor and the Naval Base Pt Loma Public Works driveway. The city striped the new lane such that the bike lane and the curb parking lane are one and the same. Photo: It is a confusing configuration because the buffered lane emerges out of the curb parking lane.

    Tom emailed me this morning to indicate that work orders have been issued to fix the configuration by adding a bike lane next to the parking lanes between Taylor and the start of the buffered lanes to the north. Apparently the goal is to get it “fast tracked” so the work is done soon. Thanks to Tom for the quick response to my inquiry.

    • Sam Ollinger

      Thanks for the update and for taking the initiative to report the problem areas. Will post this.