City Cleaning up Rose Creek Bike Path

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Rose Creek Bike Path. Flickr/hitone23

Rose Creek Bike Path. Flickr/hitone23

The Rose Creek Bike Path that begins on the north end of East Mission Bay Drive and ends at Mission Bay Drive has long been the site for homeless encampments and has generally been neglected by the city. But Tom Landre, the city’s Bike Coordinator is working to ensure that the path is clean and a pleasant and useful route for the city’s cyclists

Tom Landre has been working with the SDPD and with the Public Works Department to clean up the Rose Creek Bike Path. Landre says the following,

we are working hard to get the Rose Creek Bike path cleaned up. The police department has been helping out by removing the homeless camp. The public works dept cleared out the trash and will be doing so again as shopping carts and other junk are reappearing. We are also trying to get the graffiti removed under the bridge.

San Diego has a new innovative program to help the homeless, you can read more about it here.

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  • Awesome news for San Diego cyclists! Bike San Diego » City Cleaning up Rose Creek Bike Path –

  • wpstoll

    After several frightening encounters down on the path and numerous calls and emails to various city departments, finally something is being done! The squeaky wheels get the Tri-Flow!

  • Nice complement to the new bridge RT @bikesd: City Cleaning up Rose Creek Bike Path #SmartPeopleAtWork

  • lucky.penny

    I wish this could happen to the Chula Vista Bay Shore trail I commute on it daily and it is pretty when the sun is setting and you look up but then you look back down to face shopping carts and trash and debris from the freeway.

  • Robert in San Diego

    Someone has also reset the sensitivity of the detection loops in Damon St westbound — my bike can trigger the traffic signal when I’m in the “through-left” lane now. Until last week, it just didn’t work right. Now it does.

  • Now that it is clear, it is even more important to keep it clear!

  • Kathy Askin

    If cyclists want to see the path kept clean and clear of transient camps, they need to contact City Departments and representatives on a regular basis. Otherwise, the paths won’t be kept clean. I’ve made numerous contacts to SD Police, Council Member Kevin Falconer, City Bike Coordinator, Park and Rec, Bike Coalition, etc. Citizens need to be actively (and continually) involved so that these bike paths are kept in good condition. For now, the camps have been removed but the area has not yet been properly cleaned up. Thanks to Tom Landre for his continued efforts.

  • Stuart

    Would it be worthwhile to include
    A set of links on the right side that would allow readers to report potholes, send email complaints to appropriate govt personnel,etc as riders encounter issues each day?
    Just a thought. Thanks for keeping up this important blog!